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Prestashop Pack

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  • Prestashop Basic

    Semiannual payment 54 €

  • 96 €/yearly

    Scalable small projects

  • 2.5 GB web space.
  • 1 Free Domain
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited facilities
  • Panel Plesk 12
  • Basic templates
  • Access our selection of Plugins
  • Tutorial Prestashop initial step
  • Basic Support specialist
  • Instalación y configuración 54 € (opcional)
  • Sign up

  • Prestashop Avanzado

    Semiannual payment 108 €

  • 192 €/yearly

    Our recommendation

  • 5 GB web space.
  • 1 Free Domain
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited facilities
  • Panel Plesk 12
  • Advanced templates
  • Access our selection of Plugins
  • All advanced level courses.
  • Advanced Support specialist
  • Instalación y configuración 54 € (opcional)
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  • Prestashop Profesional

    Semiannual payment 162 €

  • 288 €/yearly

    More ambitious projects

  • 10 GB web space.
  • 2 Free Domain
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited facilities
  • Panel Plesk 12
  • Professional templates
  • Access our selection of Plugins
  • All our courses
  • Specialized Professional Support
  • Instalación y configuración 54 € (opcional)
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5 Steps to start your online business

From installation to configuration, you only need a few minutes to launch your e-commerce website with PrestaShop ... Follow these 5 steps to get started!


Choose a Web Host

Save your data, select a URL and launch your site!

Online Store You easier than ever!

  • Free domain
  • Web space and unlimited traffic
  • 1-click Installation
  • Support 24x7x365
  • 30 days warranty
  • PrestaShop runs from BASIC PACK
  • To install applications and sees PrestaShop PrestaShop searches

from 9,00€/month

Save 50% €18.00


Download and install PrestaShop

Enjoy the best eCommerce solution!


PrestaShop is not only eCommerce solution most used in the world, but also, it's free! Do not wait, download and install PrestaShop now!

Install PrestaShop in Minutes

PrestaShop is a powerful, fast and easy to use solution; you can have an online store running in just 15 minutes!Follow this installation guide and begin immediately to build your online store! Do not wait a second longer to start, see the installation video...


Select a payment solution

Start accepting online payments quickly and securely!

18 integrated payment methods

No matter who you are or what you choose to sell online, PrestaShop comes equipped with 18 integrated payment solutions, allowing you to quickly accept payments on your online store.

Installation in a click

Establish a payment solution has never been easier. With just one click, you can install application to / method (s) you want to offer your customers module.


Set delivery options

PrestaShop offers multiple shipping options!

Choose your carrier

With PrestaShop, sending its products worldwide is very easy. Simply choose your preferred shipping method, make a few settings and be able to send their products in the world!

Installation in a click

The success of your online store depends largely on how you treat prepares and sends its products. It is for these reasons that PrestaShop, offers a lot of modules carriers, you can install in just one click!


Customize and optimize

Easily manage appearance, ergonomics and functionality of their online store!


Easily organize your products thanks to our configurator catalog!


Manage your inventory directly from your admin panel


PrestaShop allows you to customize your store infinitely!

Prestashop Pack

from 9,00 €/month

Sign up

Create your online store Prestashop

Templates + Support + Hosting + Domain

Analysis and reporting

The reports are the key to monitoring and performance optimization. Traders should monitor sales and visitor interactions to understand the efforts that are working and those that need improvement.

Seguimiento de visitantes

Find out what your visitors are looking and where they come. PrestaShop provides powerful statistical information that allow you to identify the profiles of their customers, keep track of visited pages, categories, and products.

Check customer profiles

Monitoring traffic on your site is good; know who your customers are is much better! Understand the demographic popularity and messages to your preferences. Check for age, gender, favorite products, and more.

Order tracking and sales

Keep track of orders and total sales directly from your back office. Check that day exceeded sales targets and what days did not have a great performance. Follow sales performance and monitor your store promotions from your back office. PrestaShop makes tracking your success is simple.

Stats Catalog

Follow up to the favorite products of its customers thanks to advanced information PrestaShop catalog. You can also view statistics on the performance of your content. Notice how their products are resonating among its customers, including the quality of the photos. You can check your best items for sale and the best categories in one click.

Statistics Affiliate

Where do your visitors? Who relate more to your store? Check the source of your traffic at a glance thanks to detailed graphics PrestaShop statistics tab. This will help you learn every day the pages that send more traffic to your site to optimize their efforts as they relate.


With PrestaShop offers a comprehensive box, customizable and easy to use controls that shows all the important things you need to know about running your store, in real time!

Net Profit Margin in Real Time

A unique e-commerce functionality that can only be found in PrestaShop. Margin Net Benefits is automatically updated in real time. Know your sales and profits instantly, at any time of day.

Key Performance Indicators for Smart Sellers

You can find valuable information about their KPI (Key Performance Indicated) located through different pages in the Back Office. These statistics KPI will provide a deeper insight into their store such as what percentage of your clients are male, what is the product that is being sold during the month or more.

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